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Dependability is synonymous with the Duracell name. Since 1964, people have counted on Duracell's batteries and quality products to help power their lives and make them feel safer and more secure. Duracell LED Flashlights are no exeption. Browse through our lineup of the best portable lighting products designed for durability and priced with value in mind.

Shop at DuraPro Health to get excellent deals on high-quality infection control products from trusted brands. Our selection includes a wide range of deodorizers, sanitizers, disinfectants and other important cleaning supplies for healthcare and medical settings. Many items are offered in larger bulk quantities to help you get the best deal on essential sterilization products for your business. Learn more about our selection of infection control products, dental cleaning supplies and other quality discount products.

Keep Your Practice Clean

This includes popular options like the number one Caviwipes from Metrex (found under the Surface Wipes category) with their speedy one-minute kill time and easy one-step cleaning and disinfecting process. You’ll also find Metrex’s Cavicide sold in gallons and larger sizes (found under the Disinfectant category) which is ideal for sterilizing surfaces in operating rooms, surgical centers, hospitals, medical practices and dental practices. You’ll also find sterilization products that can be used with autoclaves and other tools and equipment in your space. If you need additional sterilizing supplies, such as soaps or water treatments (like ProEdge, Crosstex's waterline maintenance tablet Blutabs or water purification cartridges), we have it. And since it’s all available at low prices, it’s easy to stay within your budget.

Set Yourself Up for Safety

Hand sanitizers are a must-have for any healthcare or medical environment these days. If you're looking for hand sanitizers, you’ll find a number of great solutions at DuraPro Health. Some of those options include PDI Sanicloths canisters and Metrex’s Vionexus handwash HTS, both of which come from trusted sanitation brands. And don’t forget about where these products will be stored and dispensed. Our selection also includes hand sanitizers and soap dispensers, wall-mounted units, wall hangers and GoJo products to make sure maintaining proper hand hygiene is as easy as possible. We also offer infection control products other items for the use of barriers in dental offices and medical practices, such as eyewear and plastic coverings (including options like Tidi Sleeve Barrier Chair Covers). DuraPro Health also has evacuation products, which features items like Microbrush's, Saliva Control Dri tips, Crosstex, MDC, MSI and Tidi Saliva ejectors in various colors. Shop now to find disinfection dental control supplies and other cleaning and sterilization products for your practice.

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