• Gypsums
  • Impression Equipment
  • Mixing Bowls and Spatulas
  • Poly Pads
  • Alginate
  • Bite Registration
  • Silicone, Hydrophilic
  • Vinyl Polysiloxane (VPS)
  • Dental Impression Materials
  • Materials-Rubber Base
  • Mixing Tips and Syringes
  • Tray Adhesive
  • Tray Cleaner
  • Trays

Halyard Health

DuraPro Health has you covered for your primary dental impression supplies. From mixing tips and syringes, to poly pads and alginate, we offer a variety of commonly used materials and tools for taking impressions. Your patients will appreciate that you’ve invested in quality dental impression products that make sure you get an accurate result every time. That helps to ensure that their results come out as expected, whether it’s a restorative procedure or a new dental appliance. Learn more about our selection of dental impression products and check out the selection of trusted brands from which to choose.

Materials for a Dental Impression Supply Kit

One of the most important things you’ll need to put together your kit of impression supplies is the material you’ll use in your trays. Alginate and vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) are two of the most popular options for dental impressions. The material you choose will depend on the ultimate use of the impression, since some require a very rigid mold while others need a more pliable material. Gypsum is also needed to create the dental cast.

Dental Impression Accessories

Don’t forget about the additional tools and supplies you’ll need to make every dental impression a success. Check out our tray selection for alginate impressions to find the right fit for every patient. Use tray adhesives and cleaners to keep these items in excellent condition. Use impression equipment, such as dispensing guns and digital wax heaters, to prep and apply your dental impression materials. You’ll also need mixing bowls, spatulas and pads to combine the dental materials for the mold and the cast. 

With options from trusted brands like 3D Dental, Zhermack, Whip Mix and more, you can count on DuraPro Health for quality impression products from manufacturers that are highly respected in the field of dentistry. Shop now to stock up on supplies for creating dental impressions.

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