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Medical Action Industries

Medical Action is the leading manufacturer/distributor of Operating Room Disposable supplies, Containment Systems for Medical Waste, Minor Procedure Kits and Trays, Bedside Products and Disposable Supplies for Medical Laboratories. Although our products have been primarily marketed to acute facilities in domestic and international markets, Medical Action over the recent years has expanded its end-user base to include physician, dental, veterinary offices and out-patient surgery centers and long-term care facilities.


DuraPro Health carries the tools for root canals and treatments, at great low prices.


CANAL TREATMENT The top-selling Root Canal Sealer, BioRoot by Septodont. Pac-Dent's Evacu-N-Irrigation needles, or their Double Sideport Needles, and Luer Locking irrigation syringes, or flex post systems, and Stainless Steel Refill kit and MTA Carriers.

GUTTA PERCHA/PAPER POINTS/ OBTURATORS:  DuraPro Health carries Pac Dents easy to use PacFil (plastic carriers) and Gutta Percha thermal Obturators. Our great prices, make it easy to stock up on these great items.  Featuring the best level of precision, performance, and radiopacity: both types can be used to obturate any constant or variable .04 to .10 tapered canal ISO size 20 to 50. Pac Dent's Gutta Percha, Paper points, and obturators are all conveniently color-coded for size and diameter and come in quality packs.  Pac Dent's heated alpha-phase Gutta Percha provides excellent precise canal filling, with the added benefit of making post space preparation easy.   The coating is designed for easier cleanup and improved placement accuracy.  PacFil obturators are highly radiopaque and compatible for use in the most popular gutta-percha obturator ovens.  The verifiers make precise sizing fast and easy.  Pac Dent's Gutta Percha carriers give Clinicians all the advantages they want in a thermal obturator product.  Pac Dent's Paper Points also are available with Reciprocating File just like the Gutta Percha.

REMOVAL SYSTEMS: Pac Dent's Reciprocating Files are designed to safely and efficiently shape canals in a reciprocating motion. Pac Dent's Pac-File Conform files are 490% more resistant to cyclical fatigue breakage, and when to much torque is applied to them they start unwinding instead of snapping off as regular NiTi files do. This visual warning allows users to take precautionary measures.  Check out the prices, you won't be able to resist.


SMALL ENDO EQUIPMENT:  DuraPro Health carries  J. Morita's Probe Cord-Root ZX mini, Contrary Electrode, Hile holder, Tester-Root. As well as Pac- Dent's Wireless Endo Motor/Apex Locator that automatically calibrates ensuring accuracy and adjustable RMP between 100 and 650.


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