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Stock up on essential supplies for your dental practice or oral surgery clinic with cotton pellets and dispensers from DuraPro Health. Though they’re incredibly small and priced very affordably, cotton pellets are considered critical for a wide variety of dental treatments and procedures. Our selection features a number of different sizes from which to choose, along with convenient dispensers that help to deliver these pellets precisely when they’re needed in the easiest way possible. Learn more about our cotton pellet dispenser options, pellet size range and the selection of top dental supply brands available on our website.

Applications for Dental Cotton Pellets

Cotton pellets are used across a wide variety of medical settings. However, they’re especially helpful in dentistry since this type of work requires such fine precision. The small size of cotton pellets makes them useful for a number of different dental procedures, including root canals. The absorbency makes them helpful for carrying and applying medicaments, drying gum tissue and more. In addition, the pellets found in this collection can be used temporarily as filler since they feature exceptional quality and safety.

Pairing these pellets with a cotton pellet dispenser is the best way to keep your supplies within easy reach. Handling the pellets and separating them out can be tricky, especially in the middle of a procedure. The dispenser does the work for you so you can grab them one at the time with ease.

Affordable Dental Supplies

Cotton pellets may be affordable, but when you need to stock up on a lot of them, the costs can add up. Get great deals, plus a price match guarantee, when you buy your cotton pellets at DuraPro Health. In addition to offering a range of sizes for these pellets, you can also get a tabletop dispenser that sits on any surface when you need quick, easy access to your cotton pellets.

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