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  • Air and Water Syringe Tips
  • Barrier Protection
  • Bibs, Bib Chains and Holders
  • Bite Wings
  • Cotton Dispensers and Holders
  • Cotton Pellets and Dispensers
  • Cotton Rolls and Cotton Roll Substitutes
  • Cotton Tipped Applicators and Microbrushes
  • Drinking Cups
  • Drying Aids and Cosmetics
  • Non-Woven Sponges
  • Sponges
  • Syringe Tips/Pre-Bent Needle Tips
  • Tissues and Towels


Tuttnauer Autoclaves and Sterilizers: Industry-Leading Infection Control Solutions

For over 90 years, Tuttnauer has been a trusted name in providing top-tier infection control equipment, particularly its renowned autoclaves and sterilizers. As a family-owned business, Tuttnauer has maintained its position as a leading supplier of premium sterilization solutions. At DuraPro Health, we are proud to offer a wide range of Tuttnauer autoclaves and sterilizers, including new and refurbished options, to meet the diverse needs of dental professionals.

Our selection includes a variety of Tuttnauer autoclaves and sterilizers, such as the T-Edge series and the 2340M, 2540M, and 3870M models, designed to deliver high-speed, fully automatic sterilization with exceptional reliability. Whether you are looking for a new Tuttnauer autoclave or a refurbished Tuttnauer sterilizer, we have the perfect solution for your practice.

With our commitment to providing only the best sterilization equipment, we ensure that our Tuttnauer products are ideal for dental clinics, tattoo shops, veterinary practices, and college laboratories. Our expertise in Tuttnauer autoclaves and sterilizers allows us to assist you in finding the right solution to meet your infection control needs.

Explore our comprehensive range of Tuttnauer autoclaves and sterilizers today and experience the reliability, safety, and quality that Tuttnauer is renowned for. Contact us for more information about our new and refurbished Tuttnauer products, or to find the perfect autoclave or sterilizer for your practice.

DuraPro Health carries all the disposable products you will need in one spot for your Dental Practice, doctor's offices and clinics at great low prices. Search for the brand you trust from Certol, Nivo, Halyard, Medicom, Microbrush, TPC, 3-D Dental and Zirc.


Air & Water Syringe Tips: We have every kind of Air & Water Syringe Tips, clear to white, sparkles, multi-colored, rainbow packs, multiple and single packs, Metal with multiple holes. Choose your favorite from Nivo, 3-D Dental, TPC, Keystone, Crosstex, Medicom, Mydent

Barrier Products/Sleeves: Look for a fast turn around in your operatories, let us cover that service with our many barriers and sleeves. Crosstex, Nivo, 3-D Dental, Keystone, Halyard, Medicom, Mydent.

Bibs, Bid Chains, and Holders:  We have the right bib for you, choose from a multitude of colors and brands, with holders or chains to choose from.  3-D Dental, Nivo, Keystone, Medicom and Buffalo Chains.

Bouffant Caps:  We have the perfect Bouffant cap, from the vendor of your choice.

Cotton Dispensers & Holders: Cotton Dispensers from Crosstex and Richmond.

Cotton Pellets & Dispensers: Cotton Pellets in many sizes, and quantities, shop Richmond Pellets, and Dispensers.

Cotton Rolls/Substitutes: IF you prefer Cotton Rolls we have the size and quantity you need shop Nivo, 3-D Dental, Keystone, Medicom, Mydent, Richmond. 

Drinking Cups: DuraPro Health carries Medicom Poly-coated 4 oz paper cups and Mydent Defend Disposable drinking cups.

Drying Aids, Cosmetics: If you need Drying-aids we have them by Microbrush in differing sizes.

Exodontia Sponges: DuraPro Health has many options for Exondontia Sponges

Gloves: We have many Gloves to choose from, sizes, colors, Nitrile, Exam, Latex Free. Nivo, Halyard, Innovative, Mydent, Keystone, Medcom

Handpieces: Coming Low and High-Speed Handpieces, parts and maintenance items. 3-D Dental. TPC, J. Morita, to name a few.

Headrest and Chair Covers:  Looking to cover your headrest and chairs,  we can help, in Tissue/Poly or Clear Plastic, Nivo, 3-D Dental, Mydent, Keystone, Medcom,

Masks: DuraPro Health has the ear loop mask you're looking for from Nivo, 3-D Dental, Halyard, Keystone, Mydent, Medcom.

Non-Woven Sponges: in multiple sizes, and plies,  Keystone, Crosstex, Mydent, Richmond to choose from.

Prophy Angles & Paste: Many Prophy Angles and Pastes to choose from. Choose your favorite Nivo, 3-D Dental, TPC, Mydent, Medcom, Keystone.

Sponges: Too many sizes, plies, Choose from  Nivo, 3-D Dental, Crosstex, Halyard, Keystone, Maytex, Medcom, and Mydent.

Syringe Tips: Syringe tips, pre-bent, Mydent, Certol

Tissues and Towels: Crosstex Sani-Tab Chain-Free Towel, 3 Ply Paper with Poly back 19 x 13 in Blue is the top-selling item in this category.

Tray Covers: DuraPro Health has you and your trays covered. Just choose your size and color!

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