Carestream Dental (Kodak)

Improve your imaging capabilities with the help of Carestream Kodak dental X-rays, sensors and cameras from DuraPro Health. As one of the industry’s leading digital imaging device manufacturers, Carestream allows dental professionals to expand their offerings for patients and provide the best care possible. Carestream’s systems are designed to deliver some of the clearest and most detailed X-ray images, which makes it possible for dentists and other specialists to make more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans. Learn more about why you should consider choosing a Kodak Carestream X-ray device for your practice.

Types of Carestream Imaging Devices

Carestream Dental offers an incredible variety of dental imaging options. The manufacturer’s panoramic dental X-ray imaging device are some of the most popular in the industry. The crisp images assist in planning for dentures, braces and extractions, among other common dental treatments. Their cone beam digital X-ray options offer some of the most vivid 3D images currently available, which makes them particularly useful for the assessment and planning of surgical implants, root canals and other complex procedures. For orthodontics, Carestream’s cephalometric X-ray equipment offers comprehensive radiographic images of the side of the face. Kodak Carestream also makes intraoral scanners as well as associated sensors to be used with their devices for imaging purposes.

New and Refurbished X-Ray Systems

While dental X-ray systems are one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make for your practice, Carestream Kodak equipment offers an exceptional value. In addition, you can get even more savings by choosing one of our refurbished imaging systems from this highly respected manufacturer. These devices offer an impressive savings of 40 to 60%, ensuring that you can get top-of-the-line dental equipment at a fraction of the cost. Shop at DuraPro Health today to find the right X-ray equipment for your dental offices.

Dental Gloves

IMPORTANT:  As our world continues the fight against COVID-19, many products within this category remain nationally allocated for healthcare professionals only, and may not be sold to consumers.  Allocated products remain in short supply and new orders are non-cancellable and non-returnable.

Make sure your employees and patients all feel safe at your practice with quality dental gloves from DuraPro Health. Gloves are one of the most important dental supplies for creating a hygienic practice. However, due to the fine detail work involved in dentistry, it’s critically important that gloves also allow for excellent dexterity. This selection includes a variety of nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves dental clinics can use to make sure that patients receive the safest and best care possible. Learn more about our dental glove options at DuraPro Health to find the right products for your needs.

Latex vs. Nitrile vs. Vinyl Gloves

When shopping for dental gloves, one of the most important factors to consider is what material you should use. Wrist and elbow-length latex exam gloves are often used as surgical gloves due to the enhanced dexterity they offer. Made from rubber, they are also natural and biodegradable. However, some employees or patients may have a latex allergy. If that’s the case, nitrile gloves are a great alternative. They are made from medical-grade synthetic rubber and are the most puncture-resistant type of glove. Another option is vinyl gloves, which are made from allergy-free synthetic material. This is generally the top choice for cheap disposable gloves used in dental examinations.

Shop for Affordable Dental Gloves Online

If you’re trying to find affordable dental gloves suppliers, you’ve come to the right place. At DuraPro Health, we use direct marketing to keep our costs as low as possible and pass the savings on to our customers. We want to make sure every dental practice can stock up on quality supplies at a competitive rate. Shop on our website today to discover great prices on latex, nitrile and vinyl dental gloves from trusted brands like Innovative DermAssist, Microflex and Sempermed.


Carestream Kodak CS 8100 Panoramic X-ray System
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