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Find the ultimate solution for your dental sterilization needs with a dry heat sterilizer from DuraPro Health. There are two main types of dry heat sterilizers: static air and forced air. With a static air sterilizer (also known as an oven sterilizer), the heated sterilization takes place through convection. Forced air sterilizers (also known as rapid heat transfer sterilizers) circulate heat through the chamber, which shortens the sterilization time. With both options, you get a great alternative to steam sterilization that works relatively quickly and very effectively. Learn more about our dry heat sterilizer systems available at DuraPro Health.

Benefits of Dry Heat Sterilization

Dental professionals almost always have a dry heat sterilizer on hand in their practice. The reason that this method of sterilization is so popular is two-fold. First, dry heat sterilization is ideal for use with tools that might otherwise by damaged by moist heat. For example, although dental burs are made from tough materials that can cut through hard tissue, they can also be damaged by exposure to excess moisture. Therefore, dry heat is a better sterilization method for these tools.

Secondly, dry sterilization is often preferred in the dental industry because it has lower operating costs. Compared to sterilization methods that require moisture, dry heat sterilizers have less upkeep and lower electrical usage over time.

Dry Heat Sterilizers for Sale

When you shop at DuraPro Health, you’ll find a variety of high-quality dry heat sterilizers for sale. These decontamination systems feature different capacities to suit any practice. There are also a number of price points, making it easy to find something that fits your budget. All of our dry heat sterilization systems come from trusted brands, including CPAC, Steri-Dent and COX. Shop now to find a dry heat system for your dental sterilization needs.

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