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Sierra Dental Products has been manufacturing dry vacuum systems and compressors for the dental industry for 30+ years. They take great pride in their product and ensure exceptional technical support. Whether you are starting a new practice or replacing equipment, their mechanical room products will maximize your profitability and efficiency.

Dental Air Compressors

Choosing the right air compressors is an important step for any dental practice. When you shop at DuraPro Health, you’ll find a great selection of dental air compressors for sale from trusted brands to help make your decision a little easier. We’ve made sure to offer a variety of compressor sizes and styles to accommodate any dentist’s preference. That includes both dental oil-less air compressors and lubricated compressors. Find the right fit for your practice when you shop online today.

Types of Dental Compressors for Sale

There are two main types of dental air compressors. The first is an oil-less or oil-free design. This type of compressor is less expensive, which makes them a popular choice among many dentists. Furthermore, they require very little maintenance, making them easier to use in the long run. The second type of compressor is a lubricated dental air compressor. This style of compressor has the advantage of quieter operation, which is something both staff and patients appreciate. Lubricated air compressors are more commonly used for larger applications. To determine the correct air compressor size for your needs, allow 1HP for every two users.

Keep Your Patients Safe

Why are dental compressors so important? In addition to powering some of the most common dental tools, dental air compressors play a critical role in patient safety. This type of equipment not only compresses air, it also cleans and dries it. This creates a steady supply of safe air for use in dental procedures, which reduces the risk of exposure to harmful bacteria and pathogens. By choosing a high-quality air compressor, you’ll be able to provide safe, hygienic services to your dental patients. Choose from this selection at DuraPro Health to find models from trusted brands like DuraPro, Tech West, Cattani and Ritter along with replacement dental air compressor heads.

Sierra EAGLE-T12 Quiet Dental Air Compressor
7,998.00 7,198.20 7198.2 USD
Sierra Eagle EGL-T6 Dental Air Compressor
6,198.00 5,578.20 5578.2 USD

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