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DuraPro Health sells both new and refurbished Westar equipment.

Get the right parts to fix up your dental stools by shopping online at DuraPro Health. Our selection includes a variety of affordable and durable dental stool parts that can be used to fix up this frequently used piece of office furniture. With just how often these stools are utilized, you can’t afford to go long with one out of commission. Fortunately, a quick repair is just a few clicks away. Check out the full collection of dental stool cylinders and wheels on our website to find the right fit for your doctor chairs and hygienist stools.

Replacement Parts for Dental Stools

At DuraPro Health, we want to help make it possible for practices to keep their costs down. One of the best ways to do this is to maintain the equipment you already have rather than replacing it with something entirely new. This collection of parts includes options for fixing dental stools, which are subject to a high level of wear and tear and are bound to need a few repairs over time. Choose from casters featuring soft wheels to avoid floor damage and smoothly move stools around the room as needed. Cylinders for doctor stools and dental assistant stools are also important for being able to adjust stool height to get the most comfortable position during exams and procedures.

High-Quality Dental Parts and Accessories

If you’re going to repair a dental stool, it’s important to choose parts that can hold up to the frequent use this piece of equipment is subjected to. Fortunately, all of the parts available online at DuraPro Health are made by trusted manufacturers of dental equipment that you can count on for durability and precision. Choose from dental stool parts made by companies like DCI Dental to find a great fit for your stool and enduring quality you can rely on.

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