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Dental Operatory Packages

Looking to update your dental operatory room with new equipment? Eliminate the guesswork of choosing what type of delivery system, patient chair or light fixture to purchase with these complete dental operatory packages from DuraPro Health. If you’re looking for a full setup for an operating room that’s ready to go with all the primary furniture and equipment you need, you’ve come to the right place. We have a huge selection of high-quality options for a variety of different dental practice needs. Rather than mixing and matching various items from our inventory, just select one of these packages to get an all-in-one solution for setting up an operatory room at your dental practice. In addition to being a more cost-conscious option, it also ensures that all the equipment you receive is compatible to work together for a more efficient operatory room space. Learn more about what comes with each package and get details on how to save money with your purchase.

What is an Operatory?

Before getting into the details behind our high-quality equipment, it helps to consider the significance of the operatory. Dental definitions typically describe this space as a dedicated room perform oral operations or to deliver specific types of dental treatments. The operatory definition may vary slightly based on what you use yours for, but the main distinction is that the chairs and equipment for an operatory are not primarily focused on patient examinations, as with dental exam chairs. Instead, there are different requirements, like chairs that can properly position patients for surgery or specialized treatments. In addition, the ideal size for dental operatory rooms is often slightly larger than an exam room accommodate more people to assist in procedures or treatments. Be sure to take these considerations into account when choosing a dental operatory room equipment package.

What’s Included in a Dental Equipment Package?

Setting up dental operatories requires quite a few different pieces of equipment. When you shop for individual items, you might wonder if everything will work well together or if all the components are compatible. That’s never an issue when you choose one of these equipment packages from DuraPro Health. We’ve made it easier than ever to get a complete setup for your operatories that includes everything from dental patient chairs and dental lights to delivery systems and assistant units. For many packages, you can even select the upholstery color to coordinate with your existing décor or choose from a number of recommended accessories, including doctor’s stools, dental assistant stools and treatment consoles.

New and Refurbished Dental Operatory Packages

A dental operatory package takes the hassle out of figuring out which equipment to buy. In addition, it can be a great way to maximize your dental practice’s budget. Our selection at DuraPro Health includes both new and refurbished dental operatory packages for sale. Our new packages are always available at competitive prices, or you can save 40% to 60% more by choosing a refurbished operatory package instead. Shop dental operatory packages on our website to get the best selection of high-quality equipment at affordable prices, including A-dec dental chairs, Belmont operatory equipment and other dental hygiene equipment for sale from top brands in the industry.

DentalEZ JV Generation Radius Operatory Package
8,998.00 8,998.00 8998.0 USD