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Beaverstate Dental Systems

Beaverstate offers a wide variety or products to better fit your office's unique needs. Their mission is to engineer the most rugged and reliable products possible.

Update your dental operatory with an equipment package from DuraPro Health. With an incredible selection of affordably priced options to choose from, it’s easy to find the right fit for your needs and your budget.

Each of these dental operatory equipment packages features an assortment of primary furniture and equipment for dental operatories, including patient chairs, operatory lights, delivery systems and more. Purchasing this equipment as a package helps you to save money, and it also ensures that all the elements in your operatory work together seamlessly. Learn more about our impressive lineup of dental operatory packages.

Equipment Packages for Your Dental Operatory

Your operatory requires key components in order to provide the best level of patient care. Each operatory may be used for various types of procedures, so be sure to take into account its unique applications. Beyond specialized treatments or surgeries, all operatories require a combination of the following elements:

  • Dental chairs: You’ll need patient chairs that can be custom positioned for different types of procedures.
  • Lighting: Clear lighting is important as well, and directional lights that can be angled as needed are considered a must for this type of space.
  • Delivery systems: Also known as a delivery unit, these items are essential for making sure each operatory activity proceeds smoothly.
  • Dental cabinet: Dental cabinets provide storage and, based on the amount of space available, can support a sink, monitor and imaging equipment.
  • Stools: Both the dentist and assistant require ergonomic support to efficiently do their jobs. Dental stools allow for varying degrees of adjustability help prevent reaching and straining.
  • Equipment: Think about what your operatory needs to perform procedures from teeth cleaning and scaling and planing to adding a crown or implants. Make sure your dental operatory is equipped with all the necessary supplies for imaging, cleaning and restorative procedures as a baseline. Today, operatories often also include equipment for cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening or adding veneers.

Top-Rated Dental Operatory Packages

At DuraPro Health, we’re proud to offer dental operatory packages from some of the most respected brands in dentistry. This includes popular options from A-dec, Flight Dental, Forest, Beaverstate and more. Many of these packages also include various upholstery colors to coordinate with your interior design, and you may be able to choose from a number of recommended accessories, including doctor’s stools, dental assistant stools and treatment consoles.

For over 25 years, we’ve prided ourselves on providing affordable equipment and supplies to dentists. Whether you’re expanding your practice or upgrading your operatory, you’ll find an array of new and refurbished solutions that we’ve restored to like-new appearance and functionality. We support equipment and supplies with warranties and a network of service professionals for repairs. Shop now for new dental operatory packages, or check out our refurbished options for savings of up to 60%.

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