Make sure your practice is fully set up for successful procedures with the help of this Boyd dental equipment from DuraPro Health. Our selection of products from this trusted manufacturer includes everything from treatment chairs and delivery systems to surgical operatory lights and doctor stools. With such a wide range of products, it’s easy to find just about everything you need to either upgrade from your old equipment or set up a completely new practice. Start browsing now to discover why Boyd is one of the names you can count on when it comes to quality dental equipment.

Boyd Dental Chairs

Boyd has been one of the leading manufacturers of specialty dental and medical operatory equipment for decades. Some of their most popular products are their dental chairs, which are known for being particularly comfortable for patients as well as easy for staff to use. These are well-made pieces of furniture that are designed to hold up well, even in the busiest dental practices. The selection includes classic Boyd orthodontic chairs, treatment chairs and operatory chairs as well as surgical tables, doctor stools, dental assistant stools and more. With plenty of different styles and sizes from which to choose, it’s easy to find just what you need in this collection.

Other Dental Equipment from Boyd

Besides the popular line of Boyd dental chairs, lights, delivery systems, instrument tables and more are all available from this respected manufacturer. Many of these products, such as Boyd LED dental lights, feature the latest cutting-edge technology to improve your dental care services. Because these products are designed with dental applications in mind, they feature particularly convenient and effective features that industry professionals will appreciate. Find the right Boyd dental equipment for your practice when you shop online at DuraPro Health.

Dental Chairs

Improve the services at your dental practice with these high-quality chairs from DuraPro Health. Dental chairs may not seem like the most important piece of equipment in your practice, but they can have a significant impact on patient comfort and staff performance. You want your patients to feel at ease during their appointments, and a good dental chair is a critical part of that. In addition, the ability to position patients correctly for various procedures, exams and treatments helps dentists and hygienists do their work more effectively. Browse through the full collection of dental chairs on our site to find oral surgery chairs, orthodontic chairs, patient chairs, examination chairs and ped

What to Look for in a Dental Chair

Dental chairs are made to support the patient during their procedure — from teeth cleanings and X-rays through a root canal or oral surgery. Considering this, the chair needs to be adjustable. Specifically, it should be able to recline to a number of positions. Your dental chair should also be able to integrate with your operatory. To achieve this, elements like tubes, bowls and other equipment for cleanings and more complex procedures are designed to be attached to the chair. Finally, dentists must be able to position themselves with ease from any angle around the chair to work on the patient.

As you think about upgrading your practice’s dental chair, look for the following:

  • Power controls that can be easily adjusted with the push of a button, touchscreen or joystick-like control — preferably, look for a chair that can be raised and lowered to reduce potential repositioning.
  • Chair upholstery options — along with aesthetics, look for a material that’s easy to clean and sterilize.
  • The type of cushioning each seat offers your patients, including for comfort and support — think about both the body and the headrest.
  • Ergonomics, including how easily you and your staff will be able to treat and operate on a patient.
  • Armrests and chair width, and how easily the patient will be able to get on and off the chair and remain in position during treatment.
  • Operatory accessories and how they will work with the chair.

New and Refurbished Dental Chairs

It’s easy to find a great deal on dental chairs when you shop at DuraPro Health. We promise affordable quality for dental professionals like you, and we deliver with new models from top brands like A-dec, Boyd and Belmont, as well as refurbished solutions, all available at competitive prices. Selecting refurbished models allows you to save 40% to 60% compared with purchasing a new dental chair, so there’s a chair for every budget.


Boyd Exam/Minor Surgery Chair E3010LC
7,098.00 6,388.20 6388.2 USD
Boyd Oral Surgery Chair
4,828.00 4,103.80 4103.8 USD
Boyd Patient Transfer/Recovery Chair - PTC653
2,298.00 2,068.20 2068.2 USD
Boyd Surgical Chair Model S2615
11,098.00 9,988.20 9988.2 USD
Boyd Surgical Table Model S2601
13,698.00 12,328.20 12328.2 USD
Boyd Surgical Table Model S2614
12,398.00 11,158.20 11158.2 USD
Boyd Oral Surgery Dental Chair
7,243.00 7,243.00 7243.0 USD
Boyd Exam Chair
4,933.00 4,193.05 4193.05 USD
Boyd Surgical Chair
7,243.00 7,243.00 7243.0 USD
Boyd M2000 Orthodontic Chair
3,883.00 3,300.55 3300.55 USD
Boyd Treatment Chair Model M3000-FB
4,998.00 4,498.20 4498.2 USD
Boyd Treatment Chair Model M3000-LC
6,298.00 5,668.20 5668.2 USD
Boyd Treatment Chair Model M300X
4,198.00 3,778.20 3778.2000000000003 USD
Boyd Treatment Chairs M3010 Series
5,598.00 5,038.20 5038.2 USD
Boyd Surgical Table Model S2605
13,798.00 12,418.20 12418.2 USD
Boyd Exam/Minor Surgery Chair E530/535
3,598.00 3,238.20 3238.2000000000003 USD
Boyd 210-CB/S Dental Patient Positioning Exam Chair
3,673.00 3,122.05 3122.05 USD
Boyd Pediatric Bench PB4000
6,098.00 5,488.20 5488.2 USD
Boyd Pediatric Bench PB4001
3,798.00 3,418.20 3418.2000000000003 USD
Boyd Treatment/Exam Chair
Call for Availability 4,198.00 3,568.30 3568.3 USD

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