Beaverstate Dental Systems

Beaverstate offers a wide variety or products to better fit your office's unique needs. Their mission is to engineer the most rugged and reliable products possible.

Chair, Light, and Unit Parts

Every piece of equipment in your dental practice is an important investment. To get the greatest return on that investment, it’s crucial to maintain your equipment so it will last for years to come. Our selection of parts for dental chairs, dental light and operatory equipment will help you to do just that. Simple repairs and affordable upkeep can save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary replacements. At DuraPro Health, we make it easy to find the right products to match your dental equipment. Learn more about our selection of dental chair, light and equipment parts.

Parts for Dental Practice Equipment

In order to provide the best care for your patients, you need your equipment to be in excellent working order. In many cases, it only takes minor repairs and maintenance to ensure that everything is functioning properly. In this selection equipment parts, you can find what you need for quick and easy repairs, like replacement reflectors, bulbs and other dental lamp supplies to illuminate every exam and procedure. Discover replacement valves, adapters and other delivery system parts. Maintain dental chairs with hydraulic cylinders, lift motors, hand control panels and foot switch pedals. As a leading dental equipment and dental chair parts supplier, we’ve got you covered for a wide range of minor and major repairs.

Top Dental Equipment Brands

All of our parts are clearly labeled by brand to help you find the right fit for your equipment. Because we stock parts from some of the most trusted brands in the industry, it’s easy to find the high-quality products you need. Find parts for A-dec, Beaverstate, Pelton & Crane, TPC and more when you shop at DuraPro Health.


Beaverstate Storage Bin Only
33.00 33.00 33.0 USD
Beaverstate Storage Bin Assembly
348.00 348.00 348.0 USD
Beaverstate H-Type Mobile Frame
534.00 534.00 534.0 USD
Beaverstate Replacement Lid for Storage Bin - White
12.20 12.20 12.200000000000001 USD
Beaverstate Sleeve Clamp Tool
37.00 37.00 37.0 USD
Beaverstate Allen Wrench Set
33.00 33.00 33.0 USD
Beaverstate Touch-Up Paint
27.80 27.80 27.8 USD
Beaverstate Arm Adjustment Wrench
77.00 77.00 77.0 USD
Beaverstate Tie Strap 4"
2.40 2.40 2.4 USD
Beaverstate O-rings, Buna
2.80 2.80 2.8000000000000003 USD
Beaverstate O-rings, Ethylene Propylene
2.80 2.80 2.8000000000000003 USD
Beaverstate O-ring Kit, Buna-n
33.00 33.00 33.0 USD
Beaverstate O-ring Kit, Viton ®
41.00 41.00 41.0 USD
Beaverstate O-rings, Buna
2.80 2.80 2.8000000000000003 USD
Beaverstate O-rings, Buna
2.80 2.80 2.8000000000000003 USD