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Looking for a more comfortable, ergonomic dental stool? Turn to Galaxy. Galaxy manufactures office furniture, chairs and stools, exam tables and cabinetry, including for dental offices.

What Is a Dental Stool?

During appointments, dentists, as well as assistants and hygienists, will sit on a stool to perform procedures ranging from cleanings to root canals. In turn, a more ergonomic shape isn’t just a benefit — it’s key for reducing back, neck and arm strain and helping prevent chronic pain conditions from developing.

To aid dentists and their assistants in doing their jobs, the ideal dental stool is adjustable and aligns with the spine’s natural curve. These factors allow for improved positioning, including the ability to sit closer to the patient and reducing the need to reach.

Features of Galaxy Dental Stools and Chairs

No matter which model you choose, all Galaxy dental stools are adjustable for more tailored accommodations; an adjustment knob helps you find the ideal position. In addition, Galaxy stools provide:

  • Lumbar, back and arm support.
  • A hand-cut plastic back designed to follow your spine’s natural shape.
  • An adjustable height and optional ratcheting.
  • A seat that tilts in three directions.
  • A foot ring.
  • Casters built to withstand wear and tear.
  • High-resilience foam, which helps the seat maintain its shape, use after use.

Find both dentist and assistant stools from Galaxy at DuraPro Health. For over 25 years, we have anticipated the needs of dental professionals like you, providing affordable solutions for outfitting your office and operatory. Explore new and refurbished options now.

Chairs and Operatory Equipment

Equip your dental practice with state-of-the-art equipment from this collection at DuraPro Health. Whether you have an existing practice or you are working to equip a new dental office design, with a wide variety of dental chairs, we make it easier to provide a comfortable environment for your patients. The right chairs can also help dentists and support staff do their work more efficiently. Beyond our dental chairs, you’ll also find affordably priced dental operatory packages featuring the primary equipment you need to set up a safe, well-ordered space for procedures and treatments. Browse the full collection to find the dental equipment and supplies you need for your practice.

High-Quality Dental Chairs and Stools

Whether you’re a dentist, orthodontist or endodontist, it’s important to make sure your patients feel at ease when they’re in your care. One of the best ways to achieve that is to find high-quality, comfortable dental chairs for sale. From examination chairs for routine cleanings to pediatric benches for the youngest patients at your practice, there are a number of options for different types of dental scenarios. And don’t forget your own comfort as a healthcare professional – the right dental stools can also help you and your staff members perform your jobs to the best of your ability, day in and day out.

Dental Operatory Equipment from Top Brands

The operatory is one of the most complex spaces in a dental practice. However, finding the specialized equipment you need for this type of room doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to our dental operatory equipment from DuraPro Health. With delivery systems, assistant’s vacuum groups, extraoral suction accessories and more, our collection offers a wide range of great options for any practice. To save on these essentials, consider choosing from our lineup of dental operatory packages from some of the most trusted names in the industry, including Belmont, DentalEZ and Pelton & Crane.


Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3030
1,698.00 1,528.20 1528.2 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3040
1,898.00 1,708.20 1708.2 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3060
2,898.00 2,608.20 2608.2000000000003 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3260
3,498.00 3,148.20 3148.2000000000003 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3265
3,698.00 3,328.20 3328.2000000000003 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3280
3,798.00 3,418.20 3418.2000000000003 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3285
3,998.00 3,598.20 3598.2000000000003 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3290
5,098.00 4,588.20 4588.2 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 4001
3,498.00 3,148.20 3148.2000000000003 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 4020
5,098.00 4,588.20 4588.2 USD
Galaxy Examination and X-ray Chair Model 3000
1,398.00 1,258.20 1258.2 USD
Galaxy X-ray Examination Stool Model 3014
974.00 876.60 876.6 USD
Galaxy Doctor Stool Model 1060
404.00 363.60 363.6 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 1065
558.00 502.20 502.2 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 1078-AD
678.00 610.20 610.2 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 2025-R
808.00 727.20 727.2 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 1066
614.00 552.60 552.6 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 1067-R
678.00 610.20 610.2 USD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the chairs called in the dentist?

The chairs that patients sit in while visiting a dentist are called dental chairs. They are typically designed with a pedestal base that can be adjusted to place the patient in the best position for a dental cleaning, exam or procedure. Many also feature a hookup for a dental delivery system, which provides power for various dental tools and equipment.

What is the function of a dental chair?

A dental chair is designed to provide a comfortable space for the patient to sit during a dental visit. The reclined position provides dentists and their staff better access to the patient’s mouth and makes it easier to get proper illumination from overhead lighting. Dental chairs are typically made with adjustable designs so patients can be placed in the proper position for a dental cleaning, exam, treatment or procedure.

What is a dental saddle?

Dental saddles are stools that are ergonomically designed for better comfort. These dental stools are used by dentists, hygienists and other staff when performing exams, cleanings and procedures. Saddle stools are designed to help prevent and alleviate lower back pain that may develop from the use of standard stools. They create a position in which the upper legs are sloped downward at a steeper angle so that the user is almost between a sitting and standing position. This tilts the pelvis to help maintain a neutral spinal posture.

How long does dental equipment last?

Dental equipment can last for many years when maintained properly. Some dental chairs, for example, are designed to be used in dental practices for 20 years under normal conditions. Frequently used dental instruments and handpieces may need to be replaced more often – typically, every few years.

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