First Aid Only's first aid stations contain the required products that make them conform to ANSI Z308.1-2009 standard. Each station features a tough metal cabinet that can be portable or wall mounted. State OSHA/ANSI compliant by using the handy, color-coded reordering guide. Station Contains: (1) H107: 1"x3" Adhesive plastic bandages, 250/bx; (1) G121: 1"x3" Fabric bandages, 50/bx; (1) G124: Knuckle fabric bandages, 40/bx; (1) G126: Fingertip fabric bandages, 40/bx; (1) I256: 3"x4" Non-stick pads, 50/bx; (1) I228: 24 - 2"x2", 24 - 3"x3" Gauze dressing pads; (1) AN205: 5" X 9" Trauma pad, 1/bx; (1) M270: Emergency pressure dressing; (1) H245: 2" Conforming gauze roll bandages, 10/bx; (1) B518: 36" Triangular sling/bandage, w/2 safety pins, 1/bx; (1) AN5071: 40" Triangular sling/bandage, w/2 safety pins, 1/bx; (1) I411: Aspirin tablets, (125) 2-pks; (1) H452: Cherry cough drops, 100/bx; (1) H305: Alcohol cleansing pads, 100/bx; (1) B304: BZK antiseptic towelettes, 18/bx; (1) M528: Antiseptic spray, 3 oz.; (1) G460: Triple antibiotic ointment packs, 25/bx; (1) G310: Povidone-iodine infection control wipes, 50/bx; (1) 3"x5 yd. Cohesive elastic bandage wrap, latex free; (1) 2"x5 yd. 3-Cut first aid tape; (2) B503: 4"x5" Instant cold compresses, 1/bx; (1) M531: Burn spray, 3 oz.; (1) Eye wash, 4 oz.; (1) B717: 2 Sterile eye pads, 1 oz. eye wash, 1/2"x5 yd. first aid tape roll; (1) B504: CPR Pack: 1 CPR one-way valve faceshield, 2 exam quality vinyl gloves, and 3 BZK antiseptic towelettes, all latex free; (1) AN5112: Exam quality vinyl gloves, 4/bx; (1) 4-1/2" Scissors, nickel plated; (1) 4" Tweezers, plastic; (1) First aid guide

4 Shelf First Aid ANSI B+ Metal Cabinet, with Meds, Custom Logo , 10/cs

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4 Shelf First Aid ANSI B+ Metal Cabinet, with Meds, Custom Logo , 10/cs

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