U-Step 2 Accessory, Cueuing Module


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    • Products Model: 75-0288
    • Product Brand: U-Step
    • Condition: New

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    Designed exclusively for the U-Step 2 walkers, this laser and sound cueing unit is an available optional feature. Its primary purpose is to aid those with Parkinson's freezing but it can also be used by anyone with an irregular gait pattern. Freezing episodes are sudden, short, transient blocks of movement that occur primarily with initiating walking, turning, navigating through narrow spaces or approaching obstacles. Freezing can last just a few seconds or up to several minutes. The unit aids users in two ways. First, it projects a red laser line on the floor to help guide the steps of the user. The laser in front, waiting to be stepped on or over, is a cue to help patients re-start moving. Secondly, it offers an audio aid. The sound feature sets a beat pattern for walking speed. An external beat helps get walkers re-started as they walk to the beat of the tone. Pressing the red button on the module projects the bright red laser line on the floor to guide steps. Pressing the "FAST" button activates the sound feature. Users can adjust the cadence of the tone faster or slower to their preference. If auditory cueing is not turned on, the laser will automatically shut off after 4 minutes. 4 minutes later, the unit will then shut off. The unit will not time out if auditory cueing is enabled. The unit requires two AA batteries to operate. Simple-to-operate, needing to press only one button to get started or to shut the unit off. In addition to helping users get started and re-started, this unit helps patients normalize their walking and increase their stride. A green laser option is also available. While green is easier to see, the green laser uses twice the battery power of the red and it will not work in temperatures below 32 degrees or above 100 degrees. The cadence of the audio can be adjusted from 59 to 130 bpm over 15 different increments. Laser time-out can be adjusted from 4 to 28 minutes, adjustable in 4 minute increments.