Richmar, EVO Series Accessory, AutoSound Hands Free Ultrasound Applicator

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    • Products Model: 69-0226
    • Product Brand: Richmar
    • Condition: New

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    The AutoSound Hands-Free Ultrasound Applicator is an accessory to the EVO Series that enables hands-free ultrasound therapy treatments. It features four 3.5 cm2 ultrasound transducers that are sequentially activated to provide perfect ultrasound technique. Using the Autosound gel pads maximizes uniform ultrasound distribution while eliminating the messy set-up and clean-up required with traditional ultrasound treatments. With all these used in combination with the Therasound EVO or Winner EVO Combo devices, clinicians can deliver ultrasound in continuous or pulsing waves. By alternating between 1MHz and 3MHz it provides maximum ultrasound absorption in both superficial and deep tissues. Allowing for efficiency while ensuring positive patient outcomes.