The HomeRanger Shoulder Pulley helps increase and maintain range of motion in the shoulder. The patented Sure Track Pulley design places a "fender" around the pulley to assure that the rope never disengages and interrupts the exercises. The durable, self-lubricating nylon pulley eliminates annoying squeaks and snags. This specially designed Rubber Head feature allows the Web-Strap to be placed over the top or along the side of any standard door, allowing for a greater range of exercise elevations and positions. Custom braided, 86-inch rope will not fray, flatten or unravel with repeated use, and is marked at intervals to help measure progress. Included is a full-color exercise booklet with step-by-step instructions for 11 basic shoulder exercises.

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HomeRanger shoulder pulley, standard handle, web strap

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    • Products Model: 50-1020
    • Manufacturer: Home Ranger
    • Condition: New

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