Whip Mix -Model 2240Q Articulator with Magnetic Mounting System


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    • Products Model: 34219
    • Product Brand: Whip Mix
    • Condition: New
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    2000 Series Articulators: Model 2240Q Articulator with Magnetic Mounting System

    • Interframe spacing of over 4″ allowing for easy mounting of even the bulkiest casts
    • Excellent options for orthodontists and oral surgeons
    • Rounded edges and frame corners for enhanced visibility and posterior access
    • Open fossa design
    • Adjustable condylar inclination: 0-70°
    • Fixed intercondylar distance: 110mm
    • Positive centric latch
    • "Accumount" system of interchangeability which allows accurate transfer of casts between articulators
    • Comes complete with: flat incisal table, dual-end incisal pin, 4 disposable mounting plates, instruction manual

    Model 2240 Articulator Features:

    • Adjustable immediate side shift: 0-3mm
    • Fixed progressive side shift: 7 1/2
    • 3/4″ (19mm) curved eminentia

    Model 2340 Articulator Features:

        • Adjustable progressive side shift: 0-30°
        • Straight fossa