Exel IV Administration Set, 15 Drops, Combination Vented/ Non-vented


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    • Products Model: 29088
    • Product Brand: Exel Corporation
    • Condition: New
    • Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed

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    IV Administration Set, 15 Drops, Combination Vented/ Non-vented, 2 Y Injection Sites, Option Lock, Roller Clamp, 2 Occlusion Clamps, 105" Tube, 50/cs (60 cs/plt)

    Latex free. Adelberg III roller clamp plus occlusion clamp (allows user to shut off I.V. without using roller clamp). Sterile. Non toxic. Non pyrogenic fluid path. 3.0 +/-0.05mm. O.D. 4.1 +0.10/-0.05mm. Vented and non-vented on same set by opening/closing valve.