Hivamat 200 Accessory, Box of Treatment Gloves (100 count)

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    This is a box of vinyl treatment gloves for use with the Hivamat 200 Portable. The Hivamat 200 Portable is a leading-edge, handheld device designed for deep oscillation therapy treatments or treatments in the clinic. This portable therapy device is battery operated and uses pre-defined programs from practice-specific protocol cards to define treatment settings. This is the treatment you want when dealing with acute soft tissue injuries and trauma, contusions, edema and hematomas. The Hivamat 200 is also safe for post-operative care. Sessions typically last about 20 minutes, delivering a massaging sensation deep into the soft tissue that will help to relieve pain, increase circulation and reduce inflammation. For the patient, deep oscillation therapy is felt as a gentle vibration within the soft tissue, which relaxes the underlying muscles. This makes soft tissue more pliable for manipulations aimed at increasing mobility and range of motion, healing damage and reducing pain in muscles and nerves. The Hivamat is a fantastic, non-invasive boost to the body's natural healing process. It will also aid in the management of lymphedema and complement Kinesiology taping techniques. Please note, this is one (1) box containing 100 gloves. The Hivamat 200 Portable is available separately. The gloves are Latex-free, non-sterile and disposable. They are also clear, powder free and 3 mil thick. Each session with the Hivamat involves three phases - Dissolving lymphatic waste, relaxing the muscles and removing the accumulations from the afflicted area. Despite its small size, thanks to an output range of 5-200 Hz, oscillations via the Hivamat work up to 8 cm. deep. The Hivamat helps to save therapist's hands as no heavy force is required during treatment and the device weighs less than 2 lbs. Used by over 50 professional and college sport teams in the care of their players.