IontoPatch STAT, patch/Vial, 80mA-min, pack of 6

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    • Product Brand: IontoPatch
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    The IontoPatch STAT allows patients to take pain relief iontophoresis on-the-go with no wires and no batteries. The self-contained wireless technology allows for a dosage of up to 80 mA-min to be delivered in just a 4-hour period. That is significantly faster than the 14 hours other patches take to deliver this same dosage. As convenient as can be once the technician applies the medication to the IontoPatch and the patch is placed on the patient. Because of no wires, the patient is free to go back to their lifestyle, which means less time waiting in a clinic. Once the prescribed dose has been delivered, the patch shuts off automatically. 6 complete treatment kits come in each box. Please note this item can only be purchased by or on the order of a physician or other practitioner licensed to use or prescribe this device. Each treatment kit includes a patch, saline vial and alcohol prep. No need for bulky tech like charging stations or controllers. The IontoPatch STAT is designed to treat most anatomical areas including elbows, knees, wrists, feet and shoulders. Works great on both acute and chronic conditions. Patches feature an active area of 12.0 cm▓ and are made of flexible, breathable material.