HydraHeat Pack, Standard, 12" x 10"


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    HydraHeat Hot Packs are the latest tool to combat aches and pains from arthritis, back pain, muscle strains, and overall general soreness. HydraHeat packs are part of a complete moist heat therapy system that provide patient comfort, cleanliness and time-efficiency to clinics and facilities. Allowing for a greater area of contact with the skin for heat transfer, the PVC exterior works with the non-toxic gel interior to create a pliable pack that conforms to the treatment area on the body. Due to their unique design, these hot packs provide treatment within the optimal temperature range of 120 degrees to 140 degrees. Once out of the heater, HydraHeat hot packs will retain heat within the therapeutic range for up to 40 minutes. HydraHeat packs have a non-porous skin which allow treatments to occur at lower, safer temperatures. Lower temperatures mean there's no need for a terrycloth cover - just a simple towel or pillowcase is the only barrier needed between the heat pack and the patient. Once done, the hot packs can be easily wiped clean. Because the polymer skin is bacteria resistant, there is less of a risk of bacterial attachment and cross contamination between patients. Even with heavy use, the SureSeam process ensures there is no bursting or leaking from the pack. This is a Standard hot pack, measuring 12" x 10", only. Heating units are available separately. For best results and consistent heating, ensure heat packs are completely submerged in water for a minimum of 20 minutes prior to treatment. While recommended for use with HydraTherm heating units, these packs are compatible with all heating units. For best results, clean the exterior of the heat pack with a non-chlorinated and non-abrasive wipe before placing back in the heating unit. During extended periods when the hot pack will not be in use, it is recommended to remove it from the water and heating unit and be placed on a dry, flat surface. HydraHeat hot packs are Latex free and made in the USA.