Whip Mix - Pliable Sticky Wax (Light Orange) Bulk Package of 120 Sticks - 280 g (10 oz.)


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    Casting Waxes

    TYPES – Regular, Hard, and #6.

    COLORS – Blue, Green, Yellow, Red.

    (3 sticks each per box) Blue, Yellow, Green, Red in all types.

    Whip Mix inlay waxes are compounded for use in the production of the finest inlays. They may be flowed in the liquid state, softened over a flame, or in water at 54-60 degrees C (130-140 degrees F) and are easily adaptable to the cavity without crumbling. They maintain an even degrees of workability over a wide temperature range, assuring ease and accuracy of adaption under pressure. Wax additions and corrections may be made with resultant homogeneous bonding. They are particularly outstanding for their excellent carving properties, shave smoothly without chipping or flaking. They conform to F.D.I. Spec. No. 4.

    Pliable Sticky Wax (Light Orange)

    Its unusual tenacity ensures a positive attachment of patterns to sprue pins. Does not become brittle but retains its "tacky" property throughout a wide range of room temperatures. It has a low ash content, so elimination during burnout is readily achieved.