FingerWeights, Tungsten MedPro System

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    Negligence to finger training may lead to physical issues over time. FingerWeights Flex helps prevent this by isolating both the extensors and flexors, the muscles responsible for opening and closing the fingers. Fingerweights Flex are uniquely designed to be worn during functional, everyday activities. They feature a two-piece strap on design which can fit any sized finger. FingerWeights Flex are used for more rigorous applications and activities compared to the original FingerWeights. Promoting hand speed, dexterity, and finger strength. FingerWeights Flex are ideal for musicians, athletes, gamers, at all levels, as well as people recovering from finger/hand injuries. Train your fingers and hands while practicing your musical instrument, training for your sport, playing video games, or practicing your favorite hobby. Recommended by renowned Rheumatologist Judith E. Frank, FingerWeights are the only training and exercise equipment for your hands that does not ask you to do anything outside of your norms. And has been shown to help patients with hand and finger conditions improve dramatically. FingerWeights Flex can be used as a standalone device or in conjunction with other training and exercise equipment. Included with the Tungsten MedPro System are 10 FingerWeight Flex Rings, 10 Straps, 30 thirty gram (30g) Tunsten Weight Rods, 30 ten gram (10g) Stainless Steel Weight Rods, 2 five hundred gram (500g) Tungsten Spheres, Weight Removal Tool, Instruction Pamphlet, and a Premium Hard Shell Transport Case.