Sani Cloth Bleach Wipes MSDS

Sani Cloth Bleach Wipes is a brand of surface disinfectant manufactured by Professional Disposables International, Inc. (PDI). Personal protective equipment such as eye protection and gloves should be worn while using PDI bleach wipes, as they may cause eye and skin irritation. In the event of eye exposure, water should be used to flush the eyes immediately. Contact lenses should be removed after 5 minutes of flushing. Continue flushing the eyes and seek medical treatment.

Skin that comes in contact with surface wipes should also be flushed with water, and any contaminated clothing should be removed. If the product is accidentally swallowed, medical attention should be given immediately. Hands should be washed after use, especially before eating. Sani Cloth Bleach Wipes are not known to be flammable or carcinogenic.