Prophy Cup

What is a dental prophy cup?

A prophy cup is a small finely polished rubber cup mounted onto a low-speed handpiece or prophy angle and used in combination with abrasive polishing paste--called prophy paste--to polish the surface of teeth or newly placed restorations, removing stains and fine irregularities and making the teeth's surfaces smooth. They are more commonly used than prophy brushes as the bristles of a prophy brush can be too abrasive if used with excessive force.

What is dental prophy paste?

Prophy paste is used to clean and polish teeth during dental appointments. This paste should only be used during dental appointments because it is abrasive. It could damage teeth if used too often.

What is prophy paste made of?

  • Feldspar, pumice, or diatomaceous earth
  • Glycerin
  • Binders
  • Fluoride

Major manufacturers of Prophy cups include Dentsply and TPC.

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