Projel-20 Anesthetic Gel

Projel-20 anesthetic gel is used for temporary mouth pain relief for pain caused by canker sores, mouth injuries, orthodontic braces, and sore spots from dentures and partial dentures. It is a topical anesthetic gel that contains the oral pain reliever Benzocaine. Projel-20 is sold in syringes or jars. There are 4 flavors available: bubble gum, cherry, mint, and pina colada. Projel-20 has no aftertaste or preservatives. Projel-20 can be used up to 4 times a day. It will provide comfort to the injury while it heals or until dental treatment can be received.

If oral pain remains for more than 7 days, the area should be evaluated by a dentist or physician. Projel-20 is manufactured by Septodont USA.