Lignospan Anesthetic

Lignospan is a brand of dental anesthetic that contains lidocaine HCL 2% and epinephrine. It is available in two strengths, 1:100,000 and 1:50,000. When used as local infiltration anesthesia, the onset of numbness is less than 2 minutes and the duration is approximately 60 minutes. When using the nerve block technique, numbness will be felt in 2 to 4 minutes, and it will provide approximately 90 minutes of pulpal anesthesia. The amount administered depends on the age and size of the patient, the area needing treatment, and other factors. Lignospan lidocaine with ephedrine is formulated to be allergy-free for most patients and is 100% latex-free.

Lignospan anesthetic has many distributors, but one manufacturer. It is manufactured by Septodont USA.