Handpiece Maintenance System

handpiece maintenance system

Dental handpieces require regular care and maintenance to ensure proper functioning and an extended lifespan. Autoclavable high-speed handpieces require internal and external cleaning prior to sterilization. The internal and external handpiece cleaning aims to dissolve and remove debris, accumulated fluids, and contaminated oil.

Lubrication and cleaning can be done manually or with a dental handpiece maintenance station. There are two types of handpiece maintenance systems. One requires the operator to clean and lubricate handpieces prior to running it in through the maintenance cycle of the unit; the other applies oil as part of the cleaning process.

How often should dental handpieces be sterilized and lubricated?

Lubricate and sterilize your dental handpiece after each patient. This will help your dental handpiece live longer and prevent cross-contamination between patients.

Major manufacturers of handpiece maintenance systems include Beyes Dental and TPC.

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