Disposable Tie-Back Protective Gowns

Disposable tie-back protective gowns are a part of the personal protective equipment (PPE) required by OSHA that is worn by dental professionals during certain procedures. PPE includes protective attire, protective eyewear, and other equipment. Disposable tie-back gowns are most commonly worn during surgical procedures. They protect the wearer from body fluids that they are exposed to while treating dental patients. Fluids such as blood and saliva can transmit infectious diseases. Disposable tie-back protective gowns are splash resistant. They are usually lightweight, breathable, and latex-free. The gowns cover the arms and typically extend to the knees. Once the treatment has been completed, the gown can be disposed of.

AMD-Medicom, Crosstex, Dukal, Graham Medical, Halyard Health, Mydent, and TDI all manufacture protective disposable tie-back gowns.