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A dental stool is a chair in which a dentist, assistant, or hygienist sits during operation. It is specially designed to provide the operator with the most comfortable and ergonomic seating for performing dental procedures, limiting strain to the back, neck, and arms caused by prolonged operations. The ideal stool should provide a 90-degree angle between the seat and the floor, and a 110-degree angle of the back to the floor. They are often sold as a part of a dental chair (or operatory package) but can also be sold separately.

Why buy an ergonomic dental stool?

Chronic back pain can cut your career short. Since dentists, assistants, and hygienists sit hunched over patients every day, ergonomic dental stools are vital.

Traditional dental chairs can lead to back pain because the flat seat of the chair continuously flattens the natural curve of your spine.

Ergonomic dental stools incline 10-15 degrees to keep your body properly aligned. These stools also allow you to sit higher and closer to patients and eliminates reaching long distances for your instruments.

Why buy a dental stool with body support?

Dental stools with body support keep the practitioners' elbows and arms supported and relaxed.

What are the advantages of buying a used dental stool?

Used dental stools cost less than new dental stools and are still of high quality. Used dental stools from DuraPro Health are refurbished with new upholstery and paint if needed.

Major manufacturers of dental stools include A-dec, Crown Seating, Galaxy, Link, and TPC.

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