Dental Operatory

dental operatory

What is a dental operatory?

A dental operatory, also known as a dental treatment center, is the workspace in which a dentist, hygienist or assistant delivers treatment to patients and contains all the dentistry equipment needed to perform such treatment. A dental operatory typically includes a patient chair, delivery unit, lighting, and cabinetry.

What are the dental operatory dimensions?

Dental operatory dimensions include everything in the treatment room including the light, chair, delivery unit, and doctor and assistant's stools. It may also include the intraoral x-ray unit and cabinetry for dental supplies storage.

The ideal size of a dental operatory is about 10.5 feet by 12 feet. A minimum standard size is 10 feet by 10 feet.

Why choose a rear treatment dental operatory delivery layout?

The delivery unit, which holds dental instruments, can be mounted to the dental chair or placed at the side or rear of the dental chair.

Placing the delivery unit at the rear behind the patient's head helps keep the patient at ease because it keeps all the dental equipment out of their line of sight.

Why buy a hybrid operatory?

Hybrid operatories are operatories that contain both refurbished and new components. You can buy a state of the art delivery unit on a pre-owned reconditioned dental patient chair and save approximately 40-60%. Learn more about how to choose the best dental chair.

A dental operatory package includes a patient chair plus a delivery system. Assistant's vacuum groups and dental lights are common operatory components. Major manufacturers of operatory packages include A-dec, Beaverstate Dental Systems, Belmont Equipment, DentalEZ, Engle, Flight Dental, Ritter, and TPC.

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