CBCT 3D X-ray

cone beam CT (CBCT)

A dental cone beam computed tomography machine, or CBCT machine, is a highly specialized type ofdental X-ray machine that produces 3D images of the teeth, bone structure, surrounding tissue, and nerve paths in a single scan.

What are the most common uses for CBCT x-rays?

CBCT x-rays are most commonly used for procedures in which other kinds of X-ray images would not provide sufficient information.

The most common situations CBCT x-rays are used:

  • Oral or reconstructive surgery planning

  • Diagnosing TMJ disorders

  • Dental implant placements

  • Pathology

  • Evaluations of the nasal cavity, sinuses, nerve pathways, and jaw

What is the radiation exposure of a CBCT x-ray?

Depending on the imaging detector, the field of view, and voxel sizes used for scanning, CBCT radiation exposure can range from 19 µSv to 1073 µSv.

Generally, the radiation exposure from CBCT x-rays is lower than other CT exams. However, they tend to deliver more radiation than 2D dental x-ray exams.

Major manufacturers of CBCT machines include Carestream Dental, Owandy Digital Imaging, Ray America,Suni, and Vatech America.

Check out our infographic about radiation exposure and learn more about choosing the best x-ray machine for your practice.

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