Cavicide is a fast-acting brand of dental surface disinfectant manufactured by the infection control company Metrex. It comes in convenient ready to use bottles that are available in several sizes. Cavicide is effective against fungi, TB, HCV, HBV, and other bacteria and viruses. Cavicide comes in several forms, including Cavicide spray and CaviWipes, a brand of disinfectant wipes used in dentistry.

Some popular surface disinfectants may take 10 minutes or more to be effective. It can be difficult to prevent these products from evaporating during that time. When following Cavicide instructions, Cavicide can kill TB in 3 minutes and other infectious microorganisms in 2 minutes making it an ideal surface disinfectant.

Cavicide 1 is a formula that has a one-minute contact time. Cavicide active ingredients include didecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride and isopropyl alcohol. Cavicide can be used in a variety of healthcare settings including dental clinics, operating rooms, laboratories, nursing homes, ambulances, animal care facilities, and other areas where cross-contamination must be prevented. Cavicide may be used on most non-porous equipment.