What is bitewing?

Bitewings are small tabs which a dental patient bites to hold x-ray film or a digital sensor in place during intraoral imaging.

What is a bitewing radiograph?

Bitewing radiograph (or x-ray) images the maxillary and mandibular crowns of teeth, providing a clear view of occlusal and interproximal structures. Bitewings provide early detection of occlusal and interproximal caries, as well as the evaluation of present restorations. They can also help determine the alveolar crest level to assess the periodontal status of the patient.

How are bitewings used for dental x-rays?

Bitewings are placed on the inside of the teeth, near the tongue, and are held in place by biting on a positioning tab. Dental x-rays using bitewings are used to diagnose cavities between teeth and gum disease.

Major manufacturers of bitewings include Flow Dental.

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