Best Dental Flossers

The best dental flossers make it easier for patients to use string dental floss. Flossing removes food and plaque in areas that are not accessible with a toothbrush. Some people find using string dental floss challenging. Dental flossers are oral care products that attach a small piece of string floss to a handle which may make it easier to manipulate between the teeth, especially in the back of the mouth. A toothpick is usually at the end of the floss handle. Many dental flossers are coated with a material that makes them shred resistant and easy to slide between tight spaces.

Dental flossers are individual and disposable. They are sold in multi-packs or bags. They can be plain or mint-flavored. Some dental flossers even contain fluoride. Dental flossers are very effective at plaque removal when used regularly and correctly.

Dukal, Johnson & Johnson and Gum (Sunstar) are a few manufacturers of dental flossers.