Assistants Vacuum Group

assistant's vacuum group

An assistant's vacuum group includes instrumentation such as a saliva ejector handpiece and high volume evacuators, as well as an air/water syringe, and other integrated accessories (light-curing units, e.g). The dental vacuum system can be post, cabinet, cart, or wall-mounted, and can come with a folding or telescoping articulated arm.

Dental vacuum arms support two suction devices each attached to a suction hose that is connected to a vacuum pump.

Suction devices can be divided into two types, low volume evacuators (LVE) and high volume evacuators (HVE). Suction tips are inserted into the bores of both suction devices before using them with each patient. An HVE handpiece is fitted with a reusable or disposable wide plastic suction tip while an LVE handpiece is fitted with a single-use disposable tip. Suction tips are either disposed of (LVE) or sterilized (HVE) after each patient use. Low volume evacuators, also known as saliva ejectors, are used to remove excess fluids including blood, saliva, and irrigation water from the oral cavity during preventive procedures. High volume evacuators are used to suction saliva and debris from the oral cavity during restorative and surgical procedures. Both types of suction tips can be used to retract a patient's cheeks.

Most major dental equipment manufacturers provide operatory configurations that include the assistant's vacuum group in addition to the primary dental delivery system. Beaverstate Dental Systems provides stand-alone solutions that can be used as a replacement or upgrade, in addition to their complete operatory packages.

How does a dental vacuum pump work?

There are two different types of dental vacuum pumps, wet vacuum pumps, and dry vacuum pumps.

Wet vacuum pumps create vacuum pressure by using water. They require about 360 gallons of water a day to operate.

In contrast,dry vacuum pumps pump air out of the vacuum chamber to create vacuum pressure. Dry vacuum systems consume less energy than wet vacuum pumps and are waterless. These vacuum systems are also more effective at separating contaminants from the wastewater stream.

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