Amalgam Separator

amalgam separator

Amalgam separators are devices designed to remove amalgam particles from dental office wastewater. The collected amalgam waste is stored in containers that are gathered regularly by amalgam waste recyclers or shipped to recycling facilities. Amalgam separators significantly reduce the amount of amalgam in dental office wastewater that would be discharged into sewers. Amalgam separators can use one or multiple technologies to eliminate amalgam particles from dental practice wastewater. Amalgam removal technologies include filtration, sedimentation, ion exchange, and centrifugation.

Major manufacturers of amalgam separators include Medentex.

What are amalgam separator regulations?

According to the EPA's Dental Effluent Guidelines, all dental offices must have an amalgam separator installed by July 14, 2020, and submit a compliance report by October 12, 2020. The EPA does not require existing amalgam separators to be replaced as long as they remove 95% of total mercury. New dental offices must have a compliant amalgam separator installed when they open for business.

Do all states require an amalgam separator?

By July 14, 2020, dental offices in all states will require an amalgam separator. Depending on your state or local regulations, you might already be required to use an amalgam separator. Check with your state and local government for more information.

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