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Helping you care for the animals in your life.
Ranch and Farm products like feeders and vaccine supplies to cow lifts and banders, we carry all the products you need to care for the animals in your life. We also offer products for standard pet owners including pet shampoos and conditioners,  dog chews and rawhides, dewormers and more. Whether you need vaccines, medications, or equipment for your animals, find everything you need at DuraPro Animal Health and our well-stocked inventory of animal health supplies in Wichita Falls, TX.

Are you a veterinarian? We carry animal care supplies such as veterinary syringes and surgical instruments as well as provide all the necessary equipment for your veterinary practice. Let DuraPro Animal Health help you care for the animals in your life.

Shop Our Featured Products and More

LitterGuard LT-C Vaccine

For the vaccination of  pregnant sows and gilts to protect their pigs against neonatal colibacillosis, E. coli.

Price:   $58.00

Espree Medicated Shampoo

Espree Tea Tree & Aloe Medicated Shampoo - natural ingredients to promote healing for your dog.

Price:   $ 12.79

Hydra-Lyte - 5.76 oz

Hydra-Lyte Electrolyte Replacement for the rehydration of young calves, foals and lambs. 

Price:   $5.50

Pneu-Dart Type U+Gel

For use with Pneu-Dart air rifles. Delivers drugs to livestock when other methods are not available.

Price:   $34.00